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What to wear to your Family Photo session

So you have made the decision to have your family moments captured with a family photography session. Congratulations!

The next step in the process is to decide on what you and your family will wear to the session. This can often lead to a fair bit of stress and worry for many parents. Hopefully the guide below will help ease that stress and give you some clear tips and suggestions to ensure you all look your best.

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  1. Consider the location

One of the first things to think about when deciding on outfit choices is where the photo session will be taking place. If your session is in a field, forest or mountaintop, you may want clothing options that suit, in regards to tones, colour and style. If your session is more beachy, then that would lend itself to a more casual, airy look to clothing (and also more adaptability to perhaps taking shoes off and rolling up pant bottoms.

Also make sure that footwear for everyone is practical for the location. As a rule, high heels are probably best left at home, as you want to be enjoying moments with your family rather than worrying about staying upright 😉

  1. Choose a colour palette

One of the main determinations on how your photo session will look, is through your choice of outfit colours. As a general guide, neutral colours often work best in family sessions, they help your family blend into the natural environment more. The emphasis then becomes more focused on expressions and the family rather than the eye being drawn to a bright colour.

That’s not to say that you can’t have some bright colour, but perhaps use that colour to accent rather than feature.

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  1. Coordinate rather than Match

We want the family to appear as a cohesive unit in regards to outfits, but matching would be going too far. Choose colours and tones in the colour palette that complement each other. This can often be achieved by choosing a range of more muted colours for the family.

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  1. Choose mum’s outfit first

We find that once mum has chosen her outfit, the decisions for the rest of the family’s outfits and colours becomes a lot easier. Choose something that is comfortable but also something that has that confidence inspiring specialness to it. This might be the ideal time to spoil yourself with an outfit that you have been eyeing off for ages.

The choice of outfit is a personal one (top & skirt, or lovely flowy dress) just make sure you are comfortable in it. One suggestion would be to not choose a dress or skirt that is too short, as it may restrict you if we were grabbing some shots of your family sitting down on a blanket.

  1. Avoid Bold prints and large logos

You want the focus of the photos to be on your family and not distracted by overly bold prints or brand logos on everyone’s clothes. Simple is often the best approach when it comes to outfit colours.

  1. Take it easy on the Patterns

Patterned clothing does add a nice element to an outfit. But the secret is to be restrained with its use. If mum is wearing a lovely patterned outfit, then often it is best if the rest of the family wear more solid, simple colours.

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Dress for the weather

You may have your heart set on a particular outfit choice for your family, but first, make sure it is suitable for the time of year/season of your session. That may mean, for summer sessions, pair down the accessories and keep it nice and simple (and cool!)



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  1. Involve your kids

We all know, kids are a lot more compliant and happy with something, if they are involved in the process too. So ask them what their favourite colour is? What kind of dress or shirt they might want, get their input on choices. 

Leading up to the session, get your kids to try on their outfits and make sure they are comfortable for them. No one wants to be uncomfortable during a photoshoot!

  1. Leave enough time

Hopefully all of the above suggestions have sparked an idea of how you want your family to look in your photo session. The next tip is to not leave it too late to get everything together. You don’t want to be mad scrambling to get your outfits the day before or morning of the photoshoot. Plan things a few weeks out and you will be a much happier and chilled out person come the time for your photography session. 😉

I hope the above tips help answer your big questions about what to wear for your upcoming family photography session. Just remember that these are just guidelines and tips. If you miss any of these tips when it does come time for your session, don’t worry or fret, we will still gorgeously capture you and your family interacting, loving and having fun.